Computer Upgrades


  •  Custom upgrades to the newest versions of Windows or the Windows updates for your current version
  •  Wireless Internet to get rid of bulky wires
  •  Larger hard drives for more room to store all your data
  •  More memory to speed up your computer
  •  Newer monitors, wireless mice and keyboards
  •  Or just a newer computer to better do the job you're looking to complete


 Computer Repairs


  •  Anything that goes wrong with your computer and needs attention
  •  Virus scanning and or removal
  •  Printer problems of any kind
  •  Networking and wireless networking setup and repair
  •  Newer monitors, wireless mice and keyboards


 Office to Office Communication


  •  Connect your home to your office, or one office to another, or vice a versa through VPN technology
  •  Network, Telephone, and Security wiring  Maintaining, expanding, and setting up your network system - wired or wireless
  •  Network telephone systems through your network cables
  •  Security systems for monitoring homes and offices using the latest cameras or DVR capabilities


 Custom Computer Sales


  • We customize and create desktop computers based on customer specifications and needs.
  •  If it is a laptop that you are looking for, we can help you analyze your needs and get you the best laptop.


 Network Administration for Windows 2000, 2003


  • Setup, maintain, and manage your server
  •  Use laptops, desktops and Wyse terminals to control your office
  •  Setup and maintain network printers to allow printing from any location on your network


Electronic Document Storage


  • Scanning your documents into PDF files (or compression of your choice) for backup and/ or reducing space
  • We can even help your visual documents take a jump to the future, whether it is video or still imagery we can backup your VHS tapes, or even older roll films, to DVD or BluRay we can also scan in any photos you have, negatives or prints.

 Graphic Creations and Web Pages


  •  We can create and print any graphic project you need. Logos, business cards, flyer's, etc. We are extremely experienced, and stay up to date, with all of the Adobe graphic editing programs and will utilize all of our knowledge to get you the results you are looking for. We believe in constantly learning and staying up to date in this field.
  •  We can create and house your Web Page using the latest in HTML, CSS, Java Script, and Flash. We will utilize our graphic design knowledge to deliver the results you want. If you would like to house your own domain we can help you find a domain to house it.
  • In our day in age the world is run on the Internet. From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram these sites play a major part in the majority of peoples lives, so why not put your business on those pages? We can help you with all of this as well.
  • If you are interested in some of the Web Pages we have created click here.

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